Zaid is a Kliently consultant

Zaid Najib is a lawyer and specializes in business law, company law, contract law, tort law and dispute resolution. Zaid also has expertise and experience in migration law, family law, medical law, real estate and rental law. Zaid Najib is the founder of N&K Juristbyrå in Malmö, where he is also active. In addition to Swedish and English, Zaid Najib is also fluent in Arabic.

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Nadja is a Kliently lawyer

Nadja Hatem has been a lawyer focused on the needs of everyday clients since 2007. She specializes in family law (international and domestic), while being well versed in criminal and immigration law as well.

She is also qualified as a mediator and is one of few in Sweden mediating fully in Arabic.

Nadja Hatem has also between 2015-2021 worked as an attorney and was frequently hired as a public defender and a counsel for plaintiffs.

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Nathalie is a Kliently consultant

Nathalie Larsson has many years of experience from law firms and from the Swedish Migration Board. Over the years, she has specialized in migration law, children’s law (LVU and Social Law) and family law (custody, housing, contact, divorce). Nathalie is the founder and co-owner of Larssons Juristbyrå AB in Stockholm where she is active today.

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