About Kliently

This is Kliently.
Kliently is a digital platform where you, regardless of time and place, with access to a smartphone, quickly can get personal legal advice from a lawyer via video call. In the video call you get answers to your legal questions and can hire a lawyer for your legal case.

Why was Kliently launched?

We know that during different stages of life, situations arise where you need to hire a lawyer or have a legal query you need answered. You may need a lawyer to help you with a legal text, in a dispute or in a negotiation. You may need to know your rights and obligations. Or maybe you just need to know how to solve your problem on your own in the best way.

We know that it can be difficult to know who to contact for your particular legal case or query. We also know that network, location and language can constitute some obstacles in the way of quickly accessing a knowledgeable lawyer for your case.

Kliently’s vision is to democratize access to legal services and help. We want everyone, no matter where they are, what language they speak and how big or small their wallet is — to have access to a lawyer.

With Kliently you can easily, quickly and safely get in touch with a lawyer. By downloading the Kliently app and answering a few questions, we match you with the lawyers most suitable for your legal query and case. You can usually get a video call with a lawyer within the same day.

Download the Kliently app for legal help today