Nadja is a Kliently lawyer

Nadja Hatem has been a lawyer focused on the needs of everyday clients since 2007. She specializes in family law (international and domestic), while being well versed in criminal and immigration law as well.

She is also qualified as a mediator and is one of few in Sweden mediating fully in Arabic.

Nadja Hatem has also between 2015-2021 worked as an attorney and was frequently hired as a public defender and a counsel for plaintiffs.

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Anuta is a Kliently lawyer

Anuta Sjunghamn has been a lawyer focused on everyday clients’ needs since 2007. She specializes in immigration law, while also being well versed in criminal and immigration law.

Anuta Sjunghamn worked as an attorney between 2015-2021, gaining extensive experience as a public defender and plaintiff counsel.

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Boukouri is a Kliently consultant

Boukouri Zeneli has a law degree and a bar degree from Greece and has validated her law degree in Sweden. She has also completed her Master’s in tax law at Uppsala University. Boukouri Zeneli undertakes assignments in migration law and labor law. Boukouri Zeneli works as a lawyer at MotiveraRätt where she is the founder and owner.

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Iman is a Kliently consultant

Iman Bayazi has more than 15 years of experience in the legal industry, mainly in employment law, work permit dispute resolution, tenancy law and contract law. He is also well-regarded in matters relating to work permits. Iman’s experience comes from working at a law firm, the Swedish Enforcement Authority’s and as a labor law lawyer at Sveriges Byggindustrier. Iman speaks fluently Swedish, English and Farsi. Iman works as a lawyer within his his own founded law firm Lexia Law AB.

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Suzanna is a Kliently consultant

Suzanna Hendel works in all areas of human law, but possesses unique competence regarding children based on all areas of law in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. She undertakes assignments in family law, migration law and LVU cases. Suzanna Hendel graduated in law from Uppsala University and has experience of working at a law firm. Today, Suzanna works at Hendel Juristbyrå in Stockholm. In addition to Swedish and English, Suzanna speaks fluent Russian and Ukrainian.

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Nathalie is a Kliently consultant

Nathalie Larsson has many years of experience from law firms and from the Swedish Migration Board. Over the years, she has specialized in migration law, children’s law (LVU and Social Law) and family law (custody, housing, contact, divorce). Nathalie is the founder and co-owner of Larssons Juristbyrå AB in Stockholm where she is active today.

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Rebwar is a Kliently consultant

Rebwar Fakhry has a law degree from Sweden and Iran. Rebwar focuses on migration law and has special expertise in asylum law, work permits and related issues. Rebwar has also worked as a lawyer in Iran and Kurdistan and is well versed in the Iranian legal system. Rebwar is currently working as a lawyer at Rebwar Law Firm in Stockholm. Rebwar speaks Swedish, English, Kurdish and Persian.

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