Ari is a Kliently consultant

Ari is an experienced lawyer who’s spent huge parts of his career in court, but also in law firms. Among other things, he has worked with legal investigations as a district notary in both the Stockholm District Court and the Patent and Markets Court, as well as as a drafting lawyer in the Svea Court of Appeal where, among other things, he prepared cases and helped the judges with proposals for decisions and judgments. At the law firm, he mainly worked with contracts and business transactions.

Today, Ari works as a lawyer and focuses on business and civil law matters. He’s particularly passionate about the legal areas of contract law, property law, construction law, tenancy law and labor law. His strength lies in his deep commitment and ability to quickly understand his clients problems and offer solutions tailored entirely to their needs. Ari offers legal advice in the Kliently app in Swedish, English and Persian.

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Nadja is a Kliently lawyer

Nadja Hatem has been a lawyer focused on the needs of everyday clients since 2007. She specializes in family law (international and domestic), while being well versed in criminal and immigration law as well.

She is also qualified as a mediator and is one of few in Sweden mediating fully in Arabic.

Nadja Hatem has also between 2015-2021 worked as an attorney and was frequently hired as a public defender and a counsel for plaintiffs.

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Sandra is a Kliently consultant

Sandra Boros has worked as a lawyer since 2016 and has many years of experience in legal matters concerning personal assistance, LSS and the Social Services Act. Since 2020, Sandra has also worked with social law, economic family law and as a representative in custody disputes.

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Marie-Louise is a Kliently consultant

Marie-Louise Silfwerax has worked as a lawyer since 2012. She has many years of experience in business law with a focus on small companies, ie. where the owners work themselves in the company. Marie-Louise is used to resolving disputes between companies and companies-private individuals. Since 2018, she has also specialized in financial family law with mediation as her specialty.

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Helén is a Kliently consultant

Helén Ledel has many years of experience as a lawyer and has 15 years of experience from working as a lawyer at the Swedish Tax Agency. Helén specializes in tax law, corporate law, contract law but can also assist in matters within economic family matters and migration law.

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