Terms and Conditions

    These general terms and conditions ((hereinafter the ”Terms”) apply to the Agreement between Kliently AB, company registration number 559344–4929 ((hereinafter ”Kliently”, ”We”, ”Us”) and you as a registered user on Kliently’s platform (hereinafter ”User”,”You) (hereinafter (hereinafter the”App”).
    By signing up for a user account (hereinafter ”User Account”) you confirm that you accept these Terms, which forms a contractual relationship between you and Kliently (”Agreement”). Kliently’s Terms, instructions and other information regarding Kliently’s services are available in the App.

    With Kliently you can easily book video calls for legal advice through our App.
    The legal advice is provided by various hand-picked professional legal advisors who all have relevant training and experience in their field.
    To be able to use the App you need to register a User Account in the App. You can create a User Account with a BankID or with your email and a password. To create a User Account, you need to be at least 18 years old.
    By registering a User Account in the App, you also accept the technical specifications, conditions and restrictions regarding the App that appears in Klientlys’ current service and product descriptions, available in the App and on Kliently’s website.
    You are personally responsible that the information you provide in or through the App, including contact information and any other information, is correct. You also accept to keep your personal profile in the App updated as long as you have a User Account.
    By registering a User Account in the App, you accept that the contact information you have Provided can be used by Kliently to contact you via email and push notifications with information and offers. You can unsubscribe specifically for this communication at any time. Further information on how we handle your personal and contact information can be found in Kliently’s privacy policy at www.kliently.se.
    The User Account is personal and may only be used by the registered User. The User Account can therefore not be transferred or licensed to anyone else. You are personally responsible for your actions in the App and your use of the User Account in accordance with this Agreement.
    You are responsible for keeping your login details confidential. If you suspect that someone else has gained access to your User Account, you must notify us immediately. Kliently is not responsible for any unauthorized use of the User Account or for consequences and/or any damages due to it. Kliently has the right, but not the obligation, to block access to your User Account if we have any reasons to believe that any unauthorized person has gained access to it.

    Kliently takes all misuse of the App in violation of these Terms seriously. It is for example not allowed to film or record any audio from consultations with legal advisors in the App or in any way distribute such material made available through the App. It is also not allowed to act offensive towards the legal advisers when using the App, for example, through a video call. Kliently will take actions against any confirmed or suspected misuse of the App.
    Kliently reserves the right to, with or without prior message or notice to the User, at any time without liability for any consequences, remove information from the App, temporarily or permanently close an Account and/or take other action due to User’s breach of contract or to protect the legal advisor’s or Kliently’s reputation and/or to prevent any misuse of the App.
    In the event that you have violated these Terms, applicable law when using the App, you shall compensate and hold Kliently harmless from any damage caused by you, including any damage caused by the legal advisor, (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, court costs and all claims from third parties), unless otherwise follows from mandatory law.

    You can easily book a time for a video call with a legal advisor via the App. In the App, you can choose the legal advisor you prefer with available time slots that suits you. With regards to the technical design of the service and the App, the service is limited to certain legal advice. The type of legal advice provided at each time is stated in the App.
    You can book as many video call as you want. Just make sure you do not double book yourself. When your booked meeting is completed, you can of course book a new appointment with the same legal advisor or choose another legal advisor if you have a legal issue is subject to another area of law.
    Please not that no assessment in regard to conflict of interest is being made when you book a video call. This means that the legal advisor you have booked a video call with cannot help you with the case until such an approved check has been carried out.

    During the booked video call, you can ask questions or describe your situation in more detail for the legal advisor. The more detailed information you give, the better the legal advisor can guide you. Do you have documents that you want help interpreting, please make sure to have such documents available in your device so that you easily can upload them in the App for your legal advisor to read. You are responsible for that the information you upload to the App does not conflict with the intended purpose of the service and these Terms, and that you are the owner of all such uploaded material, or the third party who has intellectual property rights to such material. Based on the information you provide during the video call the legal advisor will suggest appropriate action.
    Please know that the information you provide during the video call is treated with confidentiality by the legal advisor, with the exceptions that follow from our privacy policy and applicable law.
    If you want further consultation in your case, you can either book a follow-up video call with your legal advisor in the App or, if your case requires further action, you can ask the legal advisor to handle your case as a legal counsel outside of Kliently. You have the right to choose your legal counsel, and the right to change your legal counsel whenever you want.

    The advice in the App is provided to you for the price stated in the pricelist found in the App. Prices and how payment is made are stated in the App before you book a meeting.
    Payment is made before the video call starts. Therefore, make sure that you have paid for you booked video call well in advance and that you have received a confirmation of payment via email or in the App.

    You can cancel a booked video call free of charge at least 24 hours before the start time for the booked video call. In case of cancellation at least 24 hours before the video call, the paid fee will be refunded to the same card or bank account that you used for the payment as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days.
    If you cancel later than 24 hours before the start time for the booked video call, you are not entitled to a refund. The same applies to cancellation of a so-called drop-in video call, if you cancel later than 24 hours before the drop-in time. The User is aware of that it has no right of cancellation or withdrawal in such event.

    The App publishes various legal articles and/or tips and general advice. Content that is published or provided by Kliently in the App constitutes a general complement to the specific advice during booked video meetings. Such articles and/or general advice are not intended to be used as advice in your specific case, but should be seen as general information.
    Kliently provides a technology platform through which the User is provided with legal advice in accordance with these Terms and applicable law. As the service aims to enable you to enter into agreements with legal advisors, we emphasize that Kliently in no way shall be regarded as a party to our Users’ dealings with legal advisors, other than through these Terms that we enter into with each User individually.
    Kliently is responsible for ensuring that the legal advisors who provide advice through the App have adequate education, and adequate competence for the service, and that they hold a valid insurance. Kliently does not guarantee that the advice you receive is always correct. The statements and advice provided by the legal advisors in the App are based on the information you provide in the App and during the video call. A legal advisor is responsible to you for its advice, provided that the information you provide is correct. Unless otherwise is agreed, the legal advice provided in the service only covers the legal issues to which the specific case relatesm and if opinions or considerations are expressed in other matters, Kliently or the legal advisor are not responsible for the consequences that may follow from this.
    You understand and accept that content published on the App may belong to third parties. Therefore, you understand and accept that we cannot be held responsible for such content provided by third parties and displayed or made available within the service that Kliently offers through the App.
    In the event that you should suffer damage due to Kliently violating these Terms, you may be entitled to compensation for any direct damages. Kliently has no liability for damages as a result of circumstances for which you are responsible in accordance with these Terms. Kliently shall also not be liable for any indirect damages, such as consequential damages, non-profit, non-expected savings and/or other indirect losses due to errors or loss of data. We are not liable to you for any third-party claims made against you.
    Kliently’s liability is limited to direct damage that can be proven and up to an amount that corresponds to the maximum fee you paid for the service to Kliently during the last calendar year, unless otherwise follows from mandatory law or if Kliently has acted with intent or with gross negligence.
    If you want to complain about any errors or deficiencies in Kliently’s services or the advice provided by the legal advisor, you must do so as soon as you discover or should have discovered the error. Complaints regarding the App or the provision of the service are made toinfo@kliently.se.If you are dissatisfied with the advice from the legal advisor, we ask you to inform us about this. However, in regard to any eventual claims, we refer you to contact the legal advisor directly.

    Kliently’s goal for the App is to maintain high availability, and for the User to have access to its User Account at any time. The User can book a video call in accordance with the booking options provided in the App. The App and video meetings are provided as above, with the exception of planned interruptions announced in the App for maintenance, or interruptions beyond Kliently’s control. If your booked video call cannot be held due to a temporary interruption in the service caused by Kliently, you are entitled to a refund of the paid fee for a booked but not completed video call.
    Kliently is not responsible for any interruption in the service or availability of the App due to: i) errors in the User’s hardware/equipment, network connections, the User’s software or errors in software that constitutes a third party product that Kliently, even though they in a professional manner tried to remedy or circumvent, cannot remedy; ii) other circumstance for which the User is responsible in accordance with these Terms; iii) viruses or other security breaches that occur despite Kliently taking professional action; or iv) circumstances beyond Kliently’s control.
    Errors or interruptions in the App’s function or availability can be reported to Kliently’s customer service viainfo@kliently.se.

    Copyright, ownership and other intellectual property rights to Kliently’s trademarks, company names, the App and all documents used and/or provided by Kliently in the App, or on our website, belong to Kliently with exclusive rights. This means that Kliently has the right to freely dispose of such intellectual property rights. Any intellectual property rights that arise as a result of Kliently’s provision of the App and/or other services, shall accrue to Kliently with exclusive rights. Such exclusive right includes Kliently’s right to freely dispose, including the right to freely change, transfer and grant, such result.
    Provided that you accept and comply with these Terms, you receive a non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable license to download, install and use the App in object code form on a mobile device that you own or have access to, for the purpose of using the App for its intended purpose. You will not receive any other license to use the above intellectual property rights, except as expressly stated in these Terms.
    All copying, modification, transfer and/or other use of Kliently’s material that has not been expressly agreed in writing by Kliently, is prohibited. This means that no one without our consent may develop, add to, decompile, or reverse engineer the App or its components. It is not permitted to reproduce the source code or its functionality, or to make copies of the software, other than what follows from mandatory law.
    These regulations apply regardless of the manner and form in which the intellectual property rights are produced, and regardless of whether the result is produced by Kliently alone or together with someone else. These provisions shall apply even after the User has ceased to use the service and the User Account has been terminated.

    The Agreement between the User and Kliently applies from the time the User has registered a User Account, and thereafter until as long as the User has an active User Account. You have the right to cancel your User Account at any time and remove your content from the Service. Upon termination, Kliently will also delete your User Account and remove all stored information related to the User. Some information may be saved for Kliently to be able to comply with applicable bookkeeping regulations.
    Kliently has the right to terminate the Agreement immediately, in the event that you violate these Terms, or if, according to Kliently, there are reasons to expect that you are violating these Terms. In the event of such termination, your User Account will also be deleted.

    Kliently reserves the right to change the scope and function of the User Account and the App and the provision in these Terms. Product and service development may, for example but not exclusively, refer to layout, content, service, or functionality and may also mean that the Terms are affected. Such changes will be notified to Users via the App and/or email. The current Terms can be found in the App and on Kliently’s website.

    You may not assign or transfer any rights, obligations or licenses set forth in these Terms. Kliently may assign and transfer our rights under these Terms without your consent and without notice to you.

    Swedish law shall be applied to these Terms and to disputes concerning the interpretation or application of the Terms.
    If you are dissatisfied with the service, we recommend that you contact Kliently’s customer service. Otherwise, you can turn to the General Complaints Board (“ARN”). Ultimately disputes can be tried by a general court, with the Stockholm District Court being the first instance.

    If you have comments or want to get in touch with us at Kliently, you can notify our customer service at info@kliently.se.