A selection of this year’s new laws that mainly affect individuals


Nadja Hatem
Brun domarklubba, nya lagar.
What do you think of the new laws for 2024?

The new year means both some tax changes, tougher penalties and completely new laws. These are some of the changes that affect individuals the most.

Expect reduced tax on earned income and pension

The tax on salaries will be lower starting this year thanks to the new employment tax deduction and an increased basic deduction. The increased basic deduction means that the tax on pensions also will be lower. In addition, the age limit for taking part in the employment tax deduction is raised from 65 to 66.

According to Skattebetalarnas website, the tax on your salary will be reduced by:

  • SEK 192/month if you have a salary of SEK 16,667/month.
  • SEK 293/month if you have a salary of SEK 25,000/month.
  • SEK 410/month if you have a salary of SEK 35,000/month.
  • 585 kr/månad om du har en lön på 50 000 kr/mån.
  • SEK 706/month if you have a salary of SEK 62,500/month.
  • SEK 770/month if you have a salary of SEK 125,000/month.

Lower tax on petrol and diesel

For gas, the sum of the energy and carbon dioxide tax will be 60 öre lower per liter compared to 2023. At the same time, the energy tax on diesel in environmental class 1 will be SEK 341 per cubic meter compared to the level that would otherwise have applied with current indexation rules.

New laws affecting taxes on alcohol, tobacco and nicotine

The tax on cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, smoking tobacco and other tobacco will be approximately one percent higher. At the same time, the tax on beer, wine and other fermented beverages will be approximately eight percent higher, while the tax on ethyl alcohol will be approximately one percent higher.

Flying will be more expensive

Due to the flight tax being recalculated, air travel will be SEK 76-504 more expensive per traveler. How much more expensive it will be depends on where you travel to.

This year you’ll receive a total of SEK 150,000 for renovations and household services

Among this year’s new laws, there’s also an increase in the ceilings for ROT and RUT deductions starting July 1st to SEK 75,000 each for work and services performed during 2024. This means that as long as you use no more than SEK 50,000 in ROT deductions and no more than SEK 75,000 in total in both ROT and RUT deductions during the first half of the year, you’ll have the right to use the remaining deductions during the second half of the year. The increase only applies to 2024 and means that the deductions for ROT and RUT together are doubled.

The deduction for renting out homes is also being increased

The standard deduction for renting out private residential properties, private residences and rental apartments is now SEK 50,000. The previous deduction was SEK 40,000. The deduction is shared for rental and sale of products from private residential properties and private residences.

There is now a new scrapping premium for older cars

Starting this year, the government is introducing a temporary scrapping premium that will apply during 2024-2025. The premium goes to those who scrap older cars and then choose to buy or lease an electric car instead.

Tougher penalties for crimes involving firearms and explosive goods

The penalties for crimes involving firearms and explosive goods are now stricter. This applies to possession of weapons and smuggling of weapons or explosive goods. Aggravated weapons offence and aggravated weapons smuggling will now result in imprisonment for 4-7 years. Previously, it resulted in imprisonment for 2-5 years. Exceptionally aggravated weapons offence and exceptionally aggravated weapons smuggling will result in imprisonment for 6-10 years. Previously, it resulted in imprisonment for 4-7 years.

Among this year’s new laws, security guards gets greater authority

Starting this year, a new law comes into force that gives security guards greater authority. The new law will allow security guards to conduct body searches to determine someone’s identity, destroy seized alcohol and, in some cases, transport people in custody. According to the police’s website, the change of authority is because they see a greater need to be able to use security guards in crime prevention and safety-creating work to maintain public order and safety in society.

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