Our children need good role models – not harsher punishments

We have to stop the escalating violence that’s starting to affect younger and younger children.

At Kliently, we believe that the change needs to happen at an early age where good role models and professionals that children and young people can identify with and look up to can be one of many key factors for change. It can also give hope that “I can too” and contribute to a vision of a brighter future.

If they can, so can I.

That’s why we’re reaching out to Sweden’s primary and secondary schools to give young people the chance to meet our lawyers in a unique opportunity that gives them an insight into the broad professional life as a lawyer, the consequences of crime and the possibilities within law.

Kliently’s lawyers, through their community involvement and a broad, international background, now have an opportunity to be involved and influence young adults of the future to change, and perhaps get one or two of them to refrain from crime and instead think twice. With knowledge also comes wise choices.

Our lawyers, with their nuanced background, want to come to your school and talk to your students. About law, about choosing school over the street and about the opportunities that lay ahead. Regardless of whether a young person dreams of becoming a lawyer or something else entirely, we want to show our young people that they have significantly more, and above all safer, opportunities ahead of them.

Nadja Hatem,
CEO at Kliently

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