What happens in a divorce?


Zaid Najib
Ett par som funderar på skilsmässa. Kvinnan ligger i sängen med ryggen vänd mot mannen som har huvudet i händerna och ser less ut.
A divorce often takes a toll, so make sure you have someone you can trust to help you

A divorce is always emotional and many associate it only with problems. On the other hand, there are very simple and clear solutions to things that at first glance may look insoluble. In addition to hiring a good lawyer to guide you through the entire process, the information below will help you keep track of what happens in the next step.

When the separation is a fact

Have you and your partner decided to go your separate ways? Or have you reached the end of the road in your marriage? Regardless of whether you agree or if only one of you files for divorce, you have to do it at the district court where you’re registered. However, there are some differences in the decision regarding the reflection period, that is, the time that needs to pass before you complete your divorce. The reflection period exists to avoid couples divorcing hastily.

Most often, the reflection period is for six months, but in some cases it’s up to a year. If you both agree and you don’t have any children under the age of 16, you won’t need a reflection period. Then the divorce takes effect immediately. If it happens on one party’s initiative or if you have children under the age of 16, a reflection period of at least six months applies.

Divorce also involves a division of property

After the divorce process itself is completed, it’s usually time for a division of property, that is, you divide what is known as matrimonial property. This is what you as spouses have had in common during the marriage and which is not individual property. Aside from each spouse’s debts, everything is written down and summarized in a property division agreement that you both sign.

Do you still not agree, or have different views on how the division of property should take place? In such cases, the district court appoints a property division administrator who will help you in the case.

Important to keep in mind: if there are big differences in how you as spouses view the matrimonial property, the property division executor decides who will have what.

Talk to a lawyer

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