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We believe that legal support should be a personal right, not a privilege. At Kliently, we simplify legal services so you can easily access expert advice, regardless of your legal knowledge, background, finances or geographical location.

Legal issues don’t have to be overwhelming. With Kliently, you get quick answers to your immediate legal questions and thorough assistance for more complex matters.

Quick consultations

Got a legal question?

Get a clear answer within 24 hours through our video consultations.

Book a 15-minute video meeting in the Kliently app to quickly find the answers you need

Full legal services

You have a more complex legal matter?

We provide a comprehensive range of legal services. Our team is ready to offer in-depth support, with clear upfront cost proposals.

Begin with a 15-minute video meeting in the Kliently app to outline your needs and start getting personalised legal assistance.

Legal documents

Do you want to write your testament? Do you need a power of attorney, or a deed of gift?

Choose the document you need among our extensive template library and opt for the self-service option or get help from one of our lawyers.
Download legal documents

Download the app and book a video meeting

Why Choose Kliently for your legal needs?

At Kliently, we’re dedicated to offering clear, accessible, and efficient legal support for everyone. Here’s our promise to you:

Quick and accessible legal assistance

Within 24 hours
schedule a legal consultation through our user-friendly app, and meet with an experienced lawyer often within a day of booking.

Global access
our video consultations break geographical barriers, offering support wherever you are.

Language inclusivity
we offer legal support in over 10 languages, helping you navigate legal matters in your preferred language.

Comprehensive legal services

Wide-ranging expertise
with specialists covering every legal domain, we’re equipped to guide you through any legal challenge, irrespective of its nature or complexity. No matter your legal need, we have the right professionals to support you.

Personalised for your situation
we can meet your specific circumstances. Whether it involves ongoing support, mediation, negotiation, or courtroom representation, we provide personalised advice and strategic solutions.

Online legal document library

For life’s many turns
access a broad selection of legal documents for various needs and life events.

DYI or guided support
use our templates independently or to get personalised assistance from our lawyers.


Upfront pricing
We guarantee clear, transparent pricing agreed upon in advance—no surprises.

Clear next steps
our lawyers ensure you understand your journey ahead, providing peace of mind and clarity.

How to Book Your Video Consultation

  • Download the App
    Begin by downloading the Kliently app. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, our app is your gateway to accessible legal services
  • Simple sign-up
    Sign up with minimal information. All you need is an email address and then you can choose to sign up either using Bank ID or just using your email address. Our sign-up process is quick, secure, and user-friendly.
  • Choose your lawyer
    Select a lawyer who best suits your needs. You can choose based on their legal specialty and the languages they speak.
  • Pick a convenient time
    Browse through your chosen lawyer’s available time slots and select a date and time that works best for you.
  • Easy payment & confirmation
    Confirm your appointment by completing the payment. Our payment process is secure and straightforward.
  • Connect and meet
    Connect with your lawyer via the app at your scheduled time. Your path to legal clarity is just a click away.

Ready for clarity?

Discover affordable and efficient legal guidance with Kliently for just 395 kr. Our services, available within 24 hours, are tailored to meet your needs, whether you have a quick question or require more in-depth support.

Connect with our team of dedicated lawyers, fluent in 10 languages. Download the Kliently app today, and start your journey towards legal clarity and peace of mind with just a few taps.

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