What does a notary public do?


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If you have legal affairs that require parties outside of Sweden to review and/or sign documents, you may have heard of the term notary public. It can be about contexts regarding corporate affairs, real estate affairs, adoption, etc. But what does the term mean and how do you know you’re getting the right help?

A notary public is an authorized official who performs various types of legal and official duties. Most often, it’s in connection with document management and evidence. Their main tasks are to witness and stamp documents, verify signatures, and sometimes also act as witnesses in various legal transactions. What kind of authority and powers they have may vary from country to country, but all of them play an important role in ensuring that legal documents and agreements are authentic and reliable.

Each county in Sweden has at least one notary public who is appointed by the County Administrative Board. The person must have a law degree and have sufficient language skills. The person cannot be declared bankrupt or have an administrator according to law.

The County Administrative Board trusts the person in question to, among other things:

  • certificate that Swedish documents, signatures and the like are authentic. This is called issuing an apostille and means that the documents are given a special stamp of authentication.
  • certify that an authority or person has the right authority or holds a certain position.
  • provide explanations on legal and financial matters of importance to third parties.
  • act as a witness both when seals are put on and broken and when rooms for storage are opened and closed.

When you need help from a notary public, it usually requires you to visit the appointed person to get help. You then need to bring valid identification and the papers that are necessary in your particular case.

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