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Nu finns det fler sätt att kontakta juristerna hos Kliently

Kliently is now opening a legal reception to meet an ever-growing demand. Through Kliently Legal, users can now get long-term help with larger cases. The reception offers help both physically and digitally to users who need long-term legal help. The new reception is another step towards democratizing access to legal aid in Sweden.

We have seen that there’s a high demand from users who contact Kliently and want to get further help even after the initial video call. There has been a need for a reception where we can continue to help our users in the long term and that’s why we’re opening Kliently Legal. Now it’ll be even easier to get legal help quickly regardless of need and as usual we offer help in several different languages ​​and cover all areas of law, says Nadja Hatem, CEO at Kliently.

The Kliently app was launched in December 2021. The purpose of Kliently is for anyone to be able to get legal help quickly and easily. The digital app and the fact that Kliently’s lawyers are multilingual mean that Kliently’s users have access to legal help within Swedish legislation wherever they are in the world.

Through Kliently Legal, the possibility to help users with larger cases opens up. When a user books a video call in the Kliently app, an assessment is made as to whether they can get help directly during the call or whether they need to hire a lawyer for long-term help. For help in the long run, Kliently Legal takes on cases and offers continued help both physically and digitally depending on the need.

The essence of Kliently is that we’re digital and therefore easily accessible, and we continue to be so through Kliently Legal also for users who aren’t in our proximity. We want to use today’s technology to make it easier for people to get legal help. It shouldn’t matter where you are or what you need help with. As long as you have a need for legal help, you should be able to get it, simply and smoothly, says Nadja Hatem, CEO at Kliently.

Kliently Legal is a legal reception and extension of the Kliently app. At Kliently Legal, lawyers take on cases in all legal areas and help clients in several different languages.

Nadja Hatem
CEO and co-founder

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