We’re launching a new service! – Personalized legal documents.

kliently och juridok lanserar ny tjänst
Do you need help setting up legal documents?

Online legal services aren’t new. However, most of them aren’t tailored to the user’s needs. We are now, together with Juridok, launching a service that offers the opportunity to quickly create legal documents that are also customized by a lawyer.

The legal landscape is complicated and it’s difficult to completely digitize legal assistance. Many demand the combination of the speed and flexibility of online help together with the knowledge that the help you receive is tailored to you and your needs. That’s what we are offering now at a favorable package price together with Juridok, says Nadja Hatem, CEO at Kliently.

The new service is launched on both kliently.se and on juridok.se, where users can browse through several different legal documents. The documents are adapted to both private individuals and companies and are offered at fixed prices. The user selects the document they need, fills in their details and then receives help by one of Kliently’s lawyers who will quality-assure the document.

This service is unique in its kind. We’re keeping the traditional where you get guidance and help from a lawyer while implementing today’s tech opportunities to make the process significantly faster, smoother and easier for the user, says Nadja Hatem, CEO at Kliently.

Kliently is a digital service that combines traditional law with technology to simplify and make legal help available to a wider mass. Since the start in 2022, thousands of people from several different parts of Sweden and around the world have gotten help with questions and matters related to Swedish legislation through the Kliently app.

Juridok is an online-based interactive service that allows the user to create quality-assured legal documents by answering simple questions. The service aims to simplify the law – with the customer in focus – and is both affordable and easy to use.

­– This collaboration really combines the strengths of both Juridok and Kliently and allows us to offer a personal touch to online-based legal help that many are asking for. This allows us to reach out to even more people and with the help of Kliently’s lawyers, customers will receive legal advice and the adaptations needed regarding their legal documents, at transparent prices. Letting customers feel even more secure with their legal documents, says Jens Holmberg, founder of Juridok.

To test or take a look at the new service, click here.

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