They want to democratize access to Swedish law

DI writes about Anuta Sjunghamn and Nadja Hatem participating in DI Digital’s pitch competition Female Founders 2022 on November 30.

Anuta Sjunghamn and Nadja Hatem want to lower the thresholds for legal services. They have founded Kliently, an app where people can quickly find information and speak to a lawyer within 24 hours. The duo is participating in DI Digital’s Female Founders 2022 pitch competition.

Stockholm-based Kliently is one of six startup companies that have been selected to participate in DI Digital’s pitch competition at the Female Founders event on November 30.

Anuta Sjunghamn and Nadja Hatem have been partners since 2009, when they started a law firm together without much experience. To get more experience, they sat for hours in the district court to listen to and observe other lawyers.

In 2015 they became lawyers and turned the firm into a law firm. But last year they requested to withdraw from the Bar Association in order to launch the legal app Kliently, which is aimed towards individuals and small business owners.

“We have made a long journey together in the traditional world, but the industry needs to be renewed, simplified and adapted to the client. Many people thought we were brave when we started the law firm, but perhaps even braver now when we started Kliently,” says Nadja Hatem, co-founder and CEO of Kliently.

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Nadja Hatem
CEO and founder

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