Kliently partners up with Emigreat

The legal tech app Kliently has partnered up with Emigreat to better assist employers and employees with work permit applications.

With complicated work permit rules and processes that take energy, time and cost companies a lot of money, Kliently and Emigreat have partnered up to back up employers and employees to quickly and easily navigate the jungle of work permit applications.

Kliently’s immigration lawyers receive calls daily from people that have problems with work permit applications, either because they have questions about the requirements or because they have been rejected after months of waiting.

– Our lawyers have to go in and appeal, or alternatively help with a new application, something that is extremely frustrating for the person wanting to start work but also costly for a company that waits for months, sometimes years, to have these talents come to their companies, says Nadja Hatem, CEO and co-founder of Kliently.

Emigreat offers a platform that simplifies work permit applications for employees and employers, while Kliently is a digital platform where those in need can quickly, easily and securely receive personal legal advice from a lawyer, get answers to legal questions and hire a lawyer if the need arises. Kliently offers legal advice in over ten languages.

– We at Emigreat are happy to partner with Kliently, where we will simplify the work permit process for everyone in need and who will now have the support of lawyers, experts in migration should the need for a lawyer arise, says Anali Guzman, CEO and co-founder of Emigreat.

For more information:
Nadja Hatem. CEO and founder of Kliently: 073-626 48 43, nadja@kliently.se
Anali Guzman Molina, CEO and co-founder of Emigreat; 079-0538407 hello@emigreat.co

Nadja Hatem
CEO and founder
Kliently offers legal advice to individuals and small businesses via digital meetings at low cost and in several different languages. Kliently was launched in December 2021. Read more at www.kliently.se

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