Kliently partners with Barncancerfonden

The legal tech app Kliently is partnering with Barncancerfonden. The collaboration makes it possible for adult childhood cancer survivors and parents of children with cancer to get free legal advice through the Kliently app when they need it.

Barncancerfonden has since 2020 offered free legal advice to adult childhood cancer survivors and parents of children with cancer through their legal aid service Rättshjälpen. In the collaboration with Kliently, Barncancerfonden will instead have the legal tech company Kliently handle cases that come to Rättshjälpen.

– We are so happy that we can contribute to trying to make things easier for those affected by childhood cancer with Barncancerfonden. Barncancerfonden is a fantastic organization and with our app we believe we can really make it easy for those affected to get the legal help they need very quickly, says Nadja Hatem, founder and CEO of Kliently.

Through Barncancerfondens Rättshjälpen, adult childhood cancer survivors and parents of children with cancer are offered free legal advice and support in insurance matters as well as issues related to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency. Since 2020, Rättshjälpen has succeeded in helping several families in cases that have resulted in the victims being able to receive support and compensation both during and after the child has been affected by cancer. Today, 75 child cancer survivors and affected families have received help from Rättshjälpen. Several of those who have gotten help say that the support has made a big difference in their lives and that thanks to Rättshjälpen, they have found new hope for the future. Through the collaboration, free calls through the Kliently app are now offered.

– In Sweden, one child gets cancer every day. When a family is affected by childhood cancer, everything gets turned upside down and nothing remains the same. Both everyday life and finances are affected. Having to spend time managing and running insurance and compensation matters, whether during the period of illness or after treatment, can feel overwhelming for many. This is where Rättshjälpen offers important support for those affected and we look forward to being able to offer easily accessible and fast legal help through the Kliently app, says Jessica Runemark, unit manager for program operations at Barncancerfonden.

Kliently is an app for legal advice that combines traditional law with technology to simplify and make legal help available to a wider mass. Through the app, you can get help in several different languages, wherever you are, and you can also talk to a lawyer within 24 hours. Since the start in 2022, thousands of people from several different parts of the world have gotten help with questions about Swedish legislation through the Kliently app.

– Our goal and vision has always been to democratize legal aid. We want more people to be able to get help quickly and, above all, for it to be easy to get help. It is a basic human right, and that’s why we want to work together with Barncancerfonden on this matter, where long waiting times and other obstacles should be the last thing those affected by childhood cancer should have to worry about, says Nadja Hatem, CEO at Kliently.

The collaboration between Kliently and Barncancerfonden starts now and continues throughout 2023. Rättshjälpen is part of the support that Barncancerfonden offers and is free for all adult childhood cancer survivors and parents of a child with cancer. Among other matters, Kliently specializes in insurance matters and is a partner of Barncancerfonden.

Nadja Hatem
CEO and founder
Kliently offers legal advice to individuals and small businesses via digital meetings at low cost and in several different languages. Kliently was launched in December 2021. Read more at www.kliently.se

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