Prenuptial agreement – do you really need one?


Miski Ibrahim
Par utbyter ring vid vigsel.
Prenuptial agreement, an important agreement among married couples

Prenuptial agreements are perhaps the last thing on your mind when planning a wedding and getting married. The word signals divorce which is why most peole push it aside. But a prenuptial agreement is actually more important than many people think. It is an important agreement that protects both you, your partner and children you might have.

The prenuptial agreement is a written agreement between a married couple. You can write one both before and after you get married – that is, during the marriage. The most important thing is that the agreement is in writing, that both you and your partner sign it and that you register it with the Swedish Tax Agency. This is easiest done with a lawyer who can guide you and make sure that everything is done correctly.

What happens if you don’t write a prenuptial agreement?

If you don’t have a prenuptial agreement, your and your partner’s assets are divided in half in the event of a divorce. This also applies to things you inherit or things you create. Do you own anything that has been passed down to you and that you want to keep with you? Or do you want the business you’ve built to pass on to your children or another close relative? Then you need to specify in an agreement that some things that you own should be counted as individual property.

Do you already have a prenuptial agreement that you want to change or update? A prenuptial agreement is relatively straightforward to write for an experienced lawyer. But if you want to make sure that you hire someone with previous experience of prenuptial agreements, then look for a lawyer specialized in family law. Your lawyer can then help by pointing out any obstacles or problems that they have had experience dealing with in prior cases. And together, you can go through the changes and register the agreement with the Swedish Tax Agency again.

Write your prenuptial agreement today!

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