Kliently is growing and hiring more in-house lawyers

In order to meet demand, legal tech app Kliently hired four full-time lawyers this spring. It’s an effect of the fact that Kliently’s digital advisory service largely leads to assignments for the lawyers. The new full-time lawyers will handle the increased flow of new cases, increase accessibility in more legal areas and further contribute to an expansion of the languages of the service. Today, users can receive legal advice in over 10 languages in almost all legal areas.

– We are very happy to increase the number of full-time employed lawyers at Kliently. This provides a higher and faster availability for clients who call in and want both quick answers to legal questions and a little more comprehensive help by hiring a lawyer, says Nadja Hatem, founder and CEO of Kliently.

Kliently is a digital platform where, regardless of time and place, with access to a smartphone, you can quickly and easily receive personal legal advice from a lawyer via video call. There you will get answers to your legal questions and can hire the lawyer in your legal matter. In many cases, the initial video call is enough to get answers, but it can also lead to a more extensive assignment for the lawyer. To meet this demand, Kliently is now expanding with four new lawyers.

The new lawyers contribute with new languages and a new business area to Kliently. The new lawyers at Kliently are:

Josip Ladan, former sports journalist and now also lawyer. Josip is particularly knowledgeable in sports law, private defense but also handles cases regarding migration law, family law and litigation.

Carl Seffers, is most recently from Stockholm where he mainly worked with tenancy law. Carl undertakes cases regarding tenancy legal matters, migration law, family law.

Miski Ibrahim, Somali-speaking lawyer who broadens the language palette in Kliently and undertakes cases in humanitarian law (migration law, criminal cases, family law) but also in business law, especially company and contract law.

Adib Hosseini, Persian- and Kurdish-speaking lawyer with special focus on business law, competition rules, EU legal rules and GDPR.

Kliently’s business model makes it possible for clients to book an initial consultation of 15 minutes of advice with a lawyer for SEK 349. If further legal expertise is needed, the lawyer provides a cost proposal. Kliently has a combination of in-house lawyers and cosulting lawyers who are connected to the service.

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