Are you suspected of buying sex?


Miski Ibrahim
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In the Kliently app, we receive a number of calls from people who have been caught for buying sex and want to know what will happen in the future. In the app, you can ask questions directly to a lawyer by booking a video meeting. Then you have the opportunity to go through your case and ask more specific questions. But if you want to know in general what you can expect in terms of punishment, we have summarized the most important information below.

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Consequences when buying sex

In Sweden, it’s illegal to buy sex, but not to sell sex. The reason for that is to protect victims of prostitution and ensure that they won’t be afraid to report crimes, without risking any consequences themselves. In the past, the penalty for buying sex has been a fine, but from 2022 the penalty was raised. Today, you’ll get a prison sentence of up to a year or probation, usually combined with a fine.

If you’re caught for buying sex, you have probably already been questioned by the police. After that, it’s up to the prosecutor to decide if there’s enough evidence to bring charges. If there is, you’ll be called to court where the evidence will be gone through to decide f you are guilty of buying sex, and if so, what your punishment should be.

The prosecutor can also choose to issue a penalty order. That is done instead of bringing charges and only if you, who’ve been caught, accept it. Then you can be sentenced to probation and a fine instead of prison, but only if you admit to the crime. Regardless of whether the prosecutor files charges or issues a penalty order, the conviction will appear in your criminal record.

Do you think you suffer from sex addiction?

For some, buying sex can be a sign of sex addiction. Today, between 3-5% of the population are estimated to suffer from sex addiction, and the majority of them are men. If you think you are suffering from sex addiction, it’s important to get the right help. Otherwise, the risk is that you commit the crime again.

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