Are you suspected of a crime in Sweden?

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When suspected of a crime in Sweden, you could have the right to a public defender. However, you have to personally ask for one. If you ask for a public defender, the court will assess whether you’re entitled to one or not. In most cases, you have the right to a public defender if:

  • you’ve been arrested or detained.
  • you’re suspected of a crime that could lead to a minimum of six months in prison.

The Swedish government will cover a portion of the costs for a public defender if you’ve been granted one. You’ll have to pay the rest yourself. How much you’ll have to pay depends, among other things, on your income and the circumstances surrounding the crime. If the court decides you don’t have the right to a public defender, you could hire a private one instead. In that case, you’ll have to pay for the private defenders costs on your own. However, if you’re acquitted of the crime in sweden, meaning it can’t be proven that you’ve committed a crime, or if the preliminary investigation is closed, you can request compensation from the court for your defense costs.

The right defense when you’re suspected of a crime in Sweden

For many who are suspected of crimes, not knowing what will happen next often leads to a lot of anxiety. Many want the attorney defending them to have had a lot of experience and expertise as a defense attorney. And many attorneys who specialize in criminal cases get into the field because they want to help people who’ve gotten into trouble, hoping to help the person get back on the right path in life.

If you’re suspected of a crime in Sweden and are looking to hiring a defense attorney, always start with a simple Google search. Sometimes you can find reviews directly online where you can read about how others have experienced the work of a specific attorney. If you can’t find any reviews, your best alternative is simply to talk to the attorney you’re looking to hire. Call them up and tell them you’re suspected of a crime. Give them the background to your case and make sure to ask all questions you’re concerned about. This way, you can quickly get an idea of ​​whether the person is suitable to handle your case or not.

At Kliently, you always have the opportunity to book a video meeting with our lawyers without having to commit to hiring them. This way, you get the chance to consult and discuss with the lawyer and decide afterwards if you want to hire them as your defense attorney. Or if rather just ask the questions you need to ask to be able to put your concerns to rest.

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