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Welcome to Kliently, the gateway to empowered legal support. We’re at the forefront of a legal services revolution, driven by our unwavering commitment to accessibility, transparency, and efficiency.

We envision a future where high-quality legal advice and advocacy are fundamental rights for all, not just services. Kliently is more than a digital platform; it’s your comprehensive legal ally, offering both virtual and face-to-face services, lighting the way toward a more inclusive legal future.

Discover a new era of legal solutions tailored for individuals and businesses alike.

Prompt, expert advice for immediate legal needs

Quick consultations
We offer 15-minute video meetings for expert advice on legal queries spanning all areas of law, within 24 hours.

For individuals & businesses
Tailored sessions for precise, actionable guidance.

Efficient resolution
many clients find these consultations sufficient to resolve their concerns or define a clear path forward.

Comprehensive support for complex cases

In-depth analysis or ongoing support
Flexible follow-up calls and a full suite of legal services including court representation, mediation and negotiation.

We tailor our approach to provide the most effective assistance for your specific needs.

Online legal document library

Extensive collection
Browse various templates suitable for personal or business needs.

Self-service or full support
choose to use our templates on your own or to get personalized guidance our lawyers and to get your completed documents delivered to your mailbox.


Transparent and client-friendly

Clear costs

No surprises — just straightforward pricing for all services that is agreed upon in advance with your lawyer.

Language access

Our team speaks over 10 languages, ensuring effective communication no matter your background.