Kliently nominated as one of Sweden’s best tech startups

Bild på vinnare av Ny Tekniks 33-lista.
Image borrowed from Ny Teknik

Swedish tech magazine Ny Teknik, who reports about the latest in technology, has nominated Kliently for this year’s 33-list. The 33-list is an annual list with Sweden’s absolute best tech startups. Out of hundreds of Swedish startups, the magazine selects 33 of them each year whom they judge to be the most innovative and with potential to grow quickly, not only within Sweden but also globally.

Kliently is now nominated for the 33 list. More proof that Kliently democratizes access to Swedish legislation by making it easy for people to get help, regardless of where they are in the world.

During the short time that Kliently has been active, we have helped people with their legal problems in all parts of the world. We live in a digital world where people expect access to law and lawyers in an easier way. That is one of the reasons for Kliently’s success. People throughout Sweden and on a global level can now, through Kliently’s app, get fast and simple legal help from a lawyer within a day, says Nadja Hatem, CEO and co-founder, Kliently.

Read more about the 33 list at Ny Teknik..

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