Is your apartment a new build? Then you need to be aware of this!


Carl Seffer
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Make sure you’re aware of the legal aspects when buying a new build.

Buying a new build apartment can feel incredibly luxurious. Moving into a brand-new home and decorating it just the way you want is something many look forward to. However, there are certain legal aspects that are important to be aware of when purchasing a new build.

A common misconception is that issues that arise in new builds should be addressed with the construction company. But when you buy a new build, you should turn to the condominium association with any potential issues. This is because you have a lease agreement with them and not with the construction company. So for instance, if the construction company makes changes in the building process that you feel doesn’t align with what’s stated in the initial agreement, you should still take your complaints directly to the condominium association.

What if there’s something wrong with your new build?

In the lease agreement, you can see what’s included in your condominium purchase. It usually outlines the size of the condominium, the number of rooms it has, which additional spaces are included, and so on. If it turns out that the finished apartment doesn’t match what’s stated in the lease agreement, you have the right to demand that the condominium association corrects whatever doesn’t match. If they were to delay in rectifying the issue, you can also choose to do it yourself. In this case, the condominium association are to cover the costs. However, if your association doesn’t agree to rectify the issue, or if the problem is significant and can’t be fixed quickly, you have the right to terminate the condominium ownership instead.

If you and your association don’t come to an agreement, you can always turn to the Rent Tribunal. They exist to resolve disputes related to rental and housing matters. But if you’re going to contact them, it would be wise to speak with a lawyer first. That way, you can ensure you have all the necessary information when you submit your application. And the lawyer can provide you with immediate feedback on whether your case is reasonable and worth pursuing.

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