Do you know what applies when travelling to the UK after Brexit?


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Make sure you know what applies before travelling

It’s been a few years since Brexit and the initial shock has worn off. But even though life has moved on, it can be difficult to know what applies when travelling to the UK after Brexit. So we’ve listed everything you need to know so you can spend more time enjoying your trip.

When travelling to the UK, you have to have a valid passport. It’s the only form of ID they accept when entering the country. This applies regardless of why you’re traveling there and which country you’ve traveled from. In some cases, you also need a visa to enter the country. For example, going to the UK to work or study requires a visa. But if you’re going there as a tourist or to visit someone, you won’t need a visa as long as you don’t stay longer than six months. This also applies to business trips when going there for meetings or conferences. However, you need a visa regardless of why you’re going there if you intend to stay longer than six months.

UK after Brexit – what about when you’re in the country?

Once you’re in the UK, you can use both your national drivers license and the European Health Insurance Card if needed. However, you’ll also need to arrange an international driver’s license if you plan to drive there. An international driver’s license is a translation of your Swedish driver’s license. You can use it when you plan to drive in countries outside of Sweden. Though you aren’t allowed to drive with only the international driver’s license and need to carry your Swedish driver’s license with you as well. If you plan to travel between Ireland and Northern Ireland, you can do so freely until 1 January 2025.

A good thing to keep in mind when traveling to the UK after Brexit is to check for any price changes in your mobile plan. Previously, mobile operators weren’t allowed to charge extra fees when traveling to the UK, but that is allowed now. So make sure you know what the costs are so you don’t get an unwanted surprise with your next bill. This applies to both call, SMS and surfing costs.

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