Are you going shopping on your next trip abroad?


Miski Ibrahim
Svart välklädd man med resväska som ska ut och resa
Be prepared next time you plan to shop on your trip

Most of what we shop within the EU, we’re allowed to bring back to Sweden without paying duty and tax. It’s mainly when you shop outside the EU that you need to know how much you can bring into Sweden. Many people know that you cannot bring large quantities of alcohol and tobacco duty-free into the EU. But did you know that you’re also not allowed to bring jewelery and designer clothes if the value is higher than SEK 4,700? It’s important to be prepared for your next trip abroad. Make sure to keep track of what you can bring into Sweden without declaring.

In order to bring goods into Sweden, you have to be the one transporting the goods. This is for goods such as jewellery, branded clothing, technical gadgets and the like. If you also want to bring in alcohol, tobacco and nicotine, there are other rules you have to follow.

This is how much you can take with you to Sweden

If you come back from another EU country where you have been shopping, you won’t have to pay duty or tax on your goods. If, on the other hand, you’re coming back from a country outside the EU and are traveling by plane or ferry, you can only bring goods with a total value of SEK 4,700 without paying duty and tax. If you travel by other means of transport, you can only take goods with you to a total value of SEK 3,300 without paying duty and tax. If you buy snus on your trip abroad, it will also be included with the goods you have bought. Note that snus is not grouped together with other tobacco and nicotine products in customs.

If you have bought goods from a country outside the EU for a value higher than what you’re allowed to bring with you, you have to report it to the Customs when you return. This can be done by going to the customs counter at the sign that says “Goods to declare”. This will allow you to pay duty, VAT and possibly other taxes on the goods you have bought. How much you have to pay depends on the goods you bring. You can easily check different fees on the Swedish Customs Administration’s website.

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