Do you have problems with disturbing neighbours?


Carl Seffer
Mamma och barn som har händerna för öronen på grund av grannar som stör.
Have you ever had disturbing neighbours?

Do your neighbours make a lot of noise that bothers you? Do you find it difficult to have peace in your home because of it? Sometimes, having neighbours can be complicated. We all can unfortunately find ourselves in situations where we have neighbours with whom we absolutely don’t get along. And often it’s because of disturbing neighbours.

The first thing you should do, if you’re in this position yourself, is to try to talk and solve the problem together with your neighbour. The best thing, of course, is if you can come to a solution together. Especially since problems like this can arise due to misunderstandings. Maybe your neighbour has very young children who have difficulties settling down. Talking to the neighbour is both the easiest option and the one that will hopefully lead to better neighbourliness in your area. But if your neighbour doesn’t listen to you and continues with the disturbances, there are a couple of things you can do to resolve the situation.

What to do if you have disturbing neighbours

You can always take your complaints directly to the landlord/housing association. If you live in rental apartment, they often have a hotline for disturbances that you can call as well. The neighbour that causes the disturbances will then be notified about the complaints and get a chance to do better.

If the reason for the disturbances is that the neighbour is careless, they have to try to stop with the disturbances. However, should the problem persist, you could file a new complaint to show that nothing has changed. If a person receives several complaints about disturbances, there’s a risk that the person won’t be allowed to stay in the apartment.

If your landlord or housing association doesn’t listen to you, you can also contact the Rent Tribunal and ask for help. In that case, it’s important to write down what the disturbance is and when it happens. By writing down a list with date, time and description of disturbance, it will be easier for the Rent Tribunal to help you. The Rent Tribunal is a type of court that deals with rental and housing issues.

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