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Lawyer or jurist – what’s the difference?

Many people in Sweden think that lawyer and jurist are two terms for the exact same role. To some extent, you’re not entirely wrong if that’s what you think. If you need a legal representative, in most cases it doesn’t matter whether you choose a lawyer or a jurist. But there are some differences between the two titles. That’s why we’ll be walking you through the differences between the terms once and for all. And how to think when you need to hire a legal representative.

In Sweden, all lawyers are jurists but not all jurists are lawyers. The title of jurist isn’t protected by Swedish law. This means that you neither need a specific degree nor do you need certain experience to be able to work as a lawyer. However, the title lawyer is protected by Swedish law and there are a number of requirements to be able to call oneself lawyer in Sweden.

A lawyer have to have a university law degree and have to have worked for at least three years in legal practice. They also have to have passed a special bar exam and be member of the Swedish Bar Association. All lawyers have to follow certain basic ethical rules and laws according to good legal practice. Otherwise, the risk is that you lose your title as a lawyer.

How do you choose a good lawyer or jurist?

There are many areas in which a lawyer or jurist can help you. Therefore, it’s also common for different legal representatives to specialize in different areas where they have a particularly good knowledge. Try to find legal representative who has worked extensively in the area in which you need help. Many people who have hired legal representatives also leave reviews online. The reviews are an easy way to find out how others feel about the lawyer or jurist you want to hire.

The most important thing when you hire a legal representative is that you have confidence in the person you hire. And that you get along well with them. The most important job both lawyers and jurists have is to understand the client’s problem and both help and support the client through the case. Especially since a case can be emotionally exhausting for many.

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